Sports & Agility Pre & Post Event Massage

On this One Day Workshop you will learn how to improve your dog’s performance and most importantly, reduce the risk of injury.

You will learn how your dog moves and performs while taking part in a fun tutorial “Anatomy Dot to Dot” where you will be finding your dog’s main skeletal landmarks (Bony Landmarks) and some of your dog’s main muscle groups.

After the anatomy part you will be learning your massage techniques and then progressing onto learning three routines:

Who is the workshop suitable for?

*(please note this workshop does not permit you to teach canine massage or perform it on anyone’s dog. If you are interested in becoming a Practitioner please see the 2 Year Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme run by the Canine Massage Centre

What will you learn?

Tutorial 1 – Canine Anatomy Fundamentals

Tutorial 2 – Applied Massage

Tutorial 3 – The Pre & Post Event Massage Routine Practice

A Pre Event massage does not replace a warm up for your dog but compliments it. It prepares the body for high intensity action or sustained long events.

The purpose of the Pre Event Massage is not to treat tissue as would happen in a remedial sports massage with a Canine Massage Guild Practitioner. Instead it is the skilled application of a set range of massage techniques to address the specific areas, which accrue stress and fatigue and to prepare the muscles by loosening them to promote better Range of Motion. Importantly it helps to significantly decrease the chances of Muscular Injury, mainly the Strain that can cause lameness and in some cases is the reason for a dog having to retire from their sport.

The massage does this by bringing flexibility, warmth and length to the tissue to enable its efficient lengthening and contractive states.

The Post Event Massage is typically given anywhere from 30 minutes up to 24 hours after the end of activity. It helps to aid in the recovery of exercise and sport by improving circulation, reducing muscular tension and inducing the parasympathetic or Rest and Digest response.

Post Event Massage helps to reduce soreness and pain when the correct set of Massage Techniques are applied.

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